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Practice Areas

The law firm of Ernest Cannon focuses on plaintiff representation in the field of personal injury litigation. Personal injury litigation is a broad area encompassing:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

This area of law involves healthcare liability in which plaintiffs seek compensation for losses suffered by errors, omissions, and defects related to prescription drug manufacture, labeling, or distribution, as well as defective medical devices that cause harm. The companies that design and make these products may be held liable for substantial compensatory damages or even punitive damages.

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Often, consumers are harmed by products that are defectively designed and manufactured. Defective products can range from medical devices to everyday items that may cause serious injury or death. One important area involves protection against faulty automotive parts can lead to serious or fatal accidents. Aggressive product liability litigation can not only provide much-needed compensation to individuals and families; it can also enforce policy or procedural changes in the companies held accountable.


Oil drilling companies, shipping companies, and other maritime business enterprises may permit shoddy safety practices or equipment causing injury or death to their employees or third parties. Maritime liability laws can sometimes work in ways that unfairly limit financial compensation to those who suffer losses. A skilled maritime law expert can fight to protect these individuals’ rights and even lead the charge to change ineffective laws.

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Businesses often get into legal disputes over a wide range of commercial issues including fights over ownership of intellectual property, allegations of fraud, antitrust violations, oil and gas matters, and general breaches of contract. These disputes can prove extremely complex and require the services of highly trained and experienced legal counsel.

Healthcare liability

Negligence on the part of a healthcare provider or healthcare products manufacturer can cause pain, suffering, lasting injury, or even death. Healthcare liability ranges in scope from medical malpractice to violations of the federal HIPAA law designed to protect the privacy of medical records, as well as other healthcare-related matters. An experienced attorney working on behalf of plaintiffs knows how to prove liability on the part of the healthcare defendant and help clients pursue a favorable judgment.

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Vehicular accident injury cases

Harm and financial loss can be caused by all kinds of motorized vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, causing serious injury or death to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. In these cases, the plaintiff’s attorney must show that the defendant owed a certain duty of care to the plaintiff, that the plaintiff violated that duty of care by causing an accident, and that the accident resulted in the plaintiff suffering damages.

Workplace injury and wrongful death cases

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that every seven seconds an employee suffers an injury in the workplace. It can be a slip and fall accident to one involving more horrific injuries and deaths involving industrial machinery. In many cases, the incidents stem from negligence on the part of the employer. An attorney working on behalf of plaintiffs may be able to prove liability so that the injured worker can receive the appropriate compensation. If employer negligence causes the death of a worker, the attorney may represent family members in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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