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Notable Cases Handled
by Ernest Cannon Law Firm

Ernest Cannon Law Firm has participated in many notable cases since its founding in 1969. The following summaries present only a few examples from six decades of top-quality legal work.


BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

One of Ernest Cannon’s most famous cases involved the BP/Transocean oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  It killed several offshore workers, including Jason Anderson. Anderson’s widow, Shelley, discovered that an outdated maritime law designed to protect companies from lawsuits prevented her from seeking the same degree of compensation she would have been entitled to had the incident occurred on land. Ernest Cannon took up Shelley’s case and helped her be compensated for her loss and to fight to change this obsolete law.

Aoki v. Depuy Orthopaedics Inc.

In this landmark medical product liability case, prosthetic hip joints made by Depuy Orthopaedics Inc. and sold by Johnson & Johnson, deteriorated after they were installed in the body, resulting in serious, debilitating injuries and requiring additional corrective surgeries.  Working with famed attorney W. Mark Lanier, Ernest Cannon successfully fought to secure  compensation for approximately 7,000 hip joint recipients in a massive class-action lawsuit.

Patient Waiting

Evans v. Toyota Motor Corporation

Lisa Evans of Sugar Land was killed when she was pinned between her Toyota Land Rover and the side of her garage. Ms. Evans had placed the car in “Park” but the Land Rover slipped into reverse gear on its own. The automotive giant employed numerous stalling and avoidance tactics during discovery. However, Ernest Cannon persevered in representing Evans’ survivors in a product liability lawsuit, asserting that Toyota had produced a faulty transmission system and subsequently lied about the problem. The Evans case was eventually rolled into a large, California-based class-action lawsuit against Toyota.

High Profile

Ernest H. Cannon is highly experienced in representing clients who find themselves cast into the glare of the public spotlight.  He has deftly advocated on behalf of entertainers and sports figures in the Court of Public Opinion. 

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